Third Annual Grub & Groove Festival August 19, 2017 **21 years and older**

Vendor Registration

Contact Us - 816-919-1631

All vendor registrations are reviewed before approval.

What is required to become a vendor?

An approved application by the Grub & Groove Festival.

Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 million listing Platform, Promotions, LLC and Hartmoor Arena, LLC as an additional insured.

Security Deposit of $250 submitted as a blank money order during the Vendors Meeting.  Deposit is returned upon passing inspection following cleanup. Must obtain a Transient Merchant License.

All food vendors must pass an inspection by the City of Wichita’s Health Department.

What is the size of the vendor space?

The vendor space is 10 X 10. If you require additional space the purchase of another vendor space is required.

How much are vending fees per vendor space?

Arts & Crafts:   $250

Merchandise:   $250

Food Vendor:   $500

Beverages:       $500

Food Truck:   TBD. Please call the Grub & Groove Festival’s Vendor Coordinator at (816) 919-1631 to receive a quote.


When is the vendor fee due?

Three days upon receipt of your application’s approval.

What is the policy for refund request?

No refunds. No exceptions.

How is vendor space assigned?

Vendor space is assigned on a first come, first serve basis upon approval of the application.

Are vendors required to pay sales tax?

Vendors must comply with all local and state laws. Please confer with your accountant.

What is provided with each vendor space?

A 10 X 10 engagement space. Vendor to provide setup.

Credentials for four workers

Parking passes for four cars

Is electricity provided?

No, each vendor must provide their own generator.

Is water provided?

No, each vendor must provide their own water.

Is the Vendors Meeting mandatory?

Yes, it is.  No shows will forfeit their vendor fee.

When is the Vendors Meeting?

Wednesday, August 18th at 6:00 p.m.

What must I bring to the Vendor’s Meeting?

1. Copy of your approved application

2. Copy of your certificate of insurance

3. Transient Merchant License

4. Blank money order for the cleanup deposit in the amount of $250

What will I receive at the Vendor’s Meeting?

1. Location of Vendor Space

2. Entry Credentials

3. Parking Credentials

4. Setup and breakdown rules and regulations

May I rent a tent, tables, and chairs from the Festival?

No, the exclusive vendor for the rental of tents, tables, chairs, and linen is Action Tents & Promotions. Additional information can be found at or (316) 687-4400.

Where do vendors park?

One car may park onsite. The remaining vehicles with vendor parking credentials may park in the vendor parking lot. Your vendor parking credential must be visible in your automobile at all times.

What time must my vendor space be setup?

Your vendor space must be setup by Saturday at noon. You may begin setting up following the Vendors Meeting.  The Grub & Groove Festival is not responsible for any vendor setups. If your vendor space is setup the night before please arrange for

What time does vending begin and end?

Vendors must be operational when the gates open at 3 p.m.  Vendors must breakdown immediately following the last performance.

Vendor Application

  • 10 X 10 SPACE